Welcome to BPR Designs, my kiln-formed glass shop in beautiful Portland, OR!

I have always loved colorful glass art so when I got the chance to create itmyself I jumped in with both feet! The possibilities with glass in a kiln are nearly endless and I am always amazed how combining different colors and techniques in new ways can lead to such striking results. Glass can be somewhat mercurial, so it is always exciting to open the kiln to see if there is a “happy surprise or “dreadful accident” waiting for me. I love the Pacific Northwest and my garden, so that informs much of my use of color in my art. And I often let the glass “speak” to me as I am creating. I will hold the sheet of glass up to the light and turn it 360 degrees and front to back to see if there is something special that I need to incorporate. I like to experiment when using a new process to see what works best and some of my most exciting work has come from these “failed” experiments. Much of my current work is focused around home décor items that are both beautiful and functional….satisfying both my left and right brain! Enjoy…. --Beth Reiman

Artist’s Biography:

Beth has long had a deep appreciation for glass and several years ago she decided to take a Community Education class at her local community college. If she thought she loved glass before, she was completely hooked now! Beth started to sign up for classes wherever she could find them, and living in the home of Bullseye and Urobos glass made that pretty easy. Once she retired from her career in finance, she had time to pursue her love for glass in earnest and after a year or so of working in local studios, she bought her first kiln and her journey began! Beth loves the vibrant colors in nature and is drawn to those colors in her work. When she is not in her garden, she sells her work online and locally through galleries in the Portland area. She also does commission work, so feel free to contact her via email at if you have something in mind.






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